Your car can get a complete makeover from us. We provide a wide range of products for your car so that your old car is transformed to look like a new one. Here are the services you can get from us.


We own a state-of-the-art bodyshop. We provide automotive customization, color changes, restoration, and other services. Our expert engineers and technicians will take good care of your car.

Leather upgrades

We provide trimming services for the car seats. You can give classic look or the modern sports car look to your car.We provide seat quilting and stitching, heated seat installation, seat fabrication, embroidery and embossing, and seat servicing as well.

Installation services

We can install speakers, soundproofing solutions, cameras and reversing sensors, navigation systems, etc. in your car. You can get the latest Bluetooth kits and iPod adapters installed in your car as well.


We provide stolen vehicle tracking system so that you can find your car in case it’s stolen. Our solution uses GPS and GSM technologies to locate your car as fast as possible.

Wrapping service

 If you want to change the color of your car and give it a fresh new look, then you should come to us. We provide the best wrapping service to give your car the polished shiny look.

Our professionals are experts in what they do and they will handle your car with utmost care. If you want to change the condition of your car, then give us a call today!